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Colorado Modular Homes

Colorado Modular Homes is the states leading supplier of Custom Modular Homes. . We are experts in off-site construction techniques which allow our customers to build a higher quality and more energy efficient home than stick built construction.

CMH started building custom modular homes in 2005 and since that time we have built over $30 million dollars of custom modular homes. During that time we painstakingly developed our “Road Home” process. This system allowed us to design and build the best looking and most affordable system built homes in Colorado. We now offer that system and all the resources we have developed to our customers. This allows our customers to build their homes for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional custom home building. The system that we have developed over 10 years is very complete and if followed, produces incredible one of a kind homes, quicker, and at a lower cost than traditional construction methods.