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Its A Girl Thing

Itsa Girl thing

In 2010 the owner of Straight Up Southern realized there was something missing in her family of t-shirts. With a t-shirt line already dedicated to the fierce competitive rivalry of Clemson and Carolina football, and a special place for those Caroline girls with their pig-tail wearin’ Palmetto Trees, she knew there were many young girls and women still searching for the perfect t-shirt that described their fun, creative, and funky spirit.
Sitting at her desk one day pondering how to reach out to these ladies, the Lead Artist walked through the office wearing her trademark high heels. On this day, Mary asked Jessica, “Why do you choose to wear high heels all the time, even with T-Shirts?”

Immediately the light bulb went off and Itsa Girl Thing was born. Mary and Jessica then brainstormed together and came up with designs that matched this “sassy and classy” spirit. Out of those designs, they created a line of t-shirts from the heart to fit every type of female, no matter the age. Whether you’re a country girl or fun-lovin’ cutie, we know you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Itsa Girl Thing.